Lambomania on Solana

Our mission

At Lambomania, we're not just a cryptocurrency; we are a revolution on the Solana blockchain, pushing the boundaries of what digital currency can achieve. Our mission is to democratize access to unparalleled luxury and financial empowerment. By leveraging the high-speed, low-cost advantages of the Solana ecosystem, we aim to create a seamless, efficient, and secure pathway for investors and enthusiasts alike to step into a world where luxury and digital finance merge. Lambomania is committed to fostering a transparent, inclusive, and thriving community where every member has the key to unlock their very own Lamborghini. We're driving towards a future where your digital assets not only grow but accelerate you towards achieving your dreams, with Lambomania as the vehicle of choice.

  • Thoughtful supply distribution
  • Fair launch
  • Rug protected
  • Impressive marketing budget
  • Professional marketing
  • Community governance


Total Supply
1 000 000 000

Supply Distribution

% Liquidity pool
% Marketing investors
% Influencers
% Team



Lambomania ($LAMBOM) makes its grand debut on the Solana blockchain, marking the beginning of a new era in luxury cryptocurrency. With innovative technology and a community-driven approach, we're setting the stage for unprecedented growth and value.

Liquidity Burn

Ensuring the stability and trust in Lambomania, we commit to a liquidity burn. This strategic move protects our investors and fortifies $LAMBOM market position, making it a safer and more reliable investment.

DEX Screener Listing

To maximize visibility and accessibility, $LAMBOM will be listed on leading Decentralized Exchange (DEX) screeners. This ensures real-time tracking of our performance, fostering transparency and investor confidence.

Phase 1
SolTrending Listing

We're leveraging the power of community by listing on SolTrending, a prominent Telegram channel known for its significant following and influence in the Solana ecosystem. This partnership highlights potential coin buys, putting $LAMBOM in the spotlight.

MadApes Listing

A pivotal step in our marketing strategy, listing on MadApes positions Lambomania within a vibrant community of crypto enthusiasts eager to invest in promising tokens. This Telegram group serves as a launchpad, amplifying our reach and engagement.

X Influencers

Collaboration with influential personalities across social media platforms will drive awareness and adoption of Lambomania. By partnering with key influencers, we aim to captivate a broader audience, translating into tangible growth and community expansion.

Phase 2
CoinMarketCap Listing

Achieving a listing on CoinMarketCap signifies a major milestone for Lambomania, enhancing our credibility and market presence. This elevates $LAMBOM to a wider audience of investors and crypto enthusiasts, marking our entry into the mainstream.

Coingecko Listing

Similar to CoinMarketCap, a Coingecko listing provides Lambomania with additional exposure and legitimacy in the cryptocurrency market. It's a testament to our commitment to transparency, reliability, and continuous growth.

Repeat Phase 2

With a focus on sustained momentum, we will continue the initiatives outlined in Phase 2, utilizing the entirety of our marketing budget to fuel our journey. Upon budget depletion, the power shifts to our community, entrusting them with the task of setting new goals and updating the roadmap. This community governance ensures that Lambomania remains dynamic, responsive, and aligned with our investors' aspirations.

Phase 3

Frequently Asked

  • What is Lambomania?

    Lambomania ($LAMBOM) is a cutting-edge cryptocurrency crafted on the Solana blockchain, designed to merge the worlds of digital currency and luxury, offering a unique pathway towards owning a Lamborghini.

  • Where can I buy $LAMBOM?

    $LAMBOM can be purchased on Raydium DEX, a leading decentralized exchange, offering seamless trading experiences for users within the Solana ecosystem.

  • Do you plan to list $LAMBOM on exchanges?

    Yes, we have plans to list $LAMBOM on multiple exchanges to increase its accessibility and trading opportunities for our community.

  • Why 34% supply in the liquidity pool?

    The 34% supply allocation for the liquidity pool ensures market stability and facilitates smooth trading experiences. With 26% allocated to marketing investors (marketing budget), 20% to influencers, and 20% to the team, this distribution supports $LAMBO's growth and sustainability.

  • Why does the team hold 20% of the supply?

    The 20% supply held by the team recognizes their dedication and contribution to the project. It covers operational costs and incentivizes ongoing development and innovation, ensuring the team is invested in $LAMBO's long-term success.

  • How can I know that early marketing investors won't dump the price?

    Early marketing investors have a vested interest in the success of $LAMBO, with a price goal set high to ensure profitability. Additionally, the maximum 2% supply per wallet limit deters dumping and promotes a stable market.

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